Try watching a TED talk or conference keynote video yourself to practice your own note-taking skills using Cornell Notes.

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image credit “Notepad Art” flickr photo by Dr Stephen Dann shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

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  • To Cornell or Not? (Mel Young, @melyoung00)

    My response to the Cornell Notes activity on OE.

  • I corn-not take Cornell notes (Melanie Lefebvre, @ProfMelLefebvre)

    The faculty who is supervising my Ontario Extend activities confirmed that it’s okay to get creative and revise accordingly. What a relief! I did not finish my Cornell notes but still made good use of the extend activity.

  • Cornell Notes (Sidney, @data_professor)

    For an example of how to take Cornell notes, I watched a YouTube video on Cornell notes, How to take Cornell notes by Jennifer DesRochers. I found this method of note taking very interesting. The high level concepts and topics on the left side of the page, and the lower level detailed notes on the right provide different… Read more »

  • Cornell Note: TEDTalk by Simon Sinek (Irene Stewart, @IrenequStewart)

    Notes on TEDTalk2014 Why good leaders make you feel safe by Simon Sinek

  • Ending blank stares after in-class video content (Danny Smith, @ProfessorDannyS)

    The Cornell approach saved the day yesterday.  I learned about it through this module and then implemented it in my class. What’s more, it motivated me to write it about it in my blog.

  • Combining strategies – Cornell and sketching (Helen DeWaard, @hj_dewaard)

    Taking a twist on the traditional Cornell note taking strategy, this combines text and image to enhance memory and make note taking an active process of creating meaning. By applying sketch noting strategies within the Cornell notetaking structure can extend knowledge organization in new ways.

  • Organizing Notes w/ Cornell (Lynn Cartan, @LynnCartan)

    Putting Cornell Notes to the test while reviewing a TEDx video on Open Textbooks and freedom of knowledge.

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