After putting up their front gate, the mad scientists at Extend Labs anticipated future separate parts of their site for:

  • A blog to reflect on their Domain Camp work (you will want that too).
  • A place to perhaps install or build a photo gallery of their experiments (perhaps just uploaded via the File Manager?).
  • A site to create polls and surveys (they hope there is a cpanel app to install).
  • A theater room where people can watch videos.

At this point you may not be sure what places you might want or need; but like the Mad Scientists, try to come up with your own list of possibility spaces and one word subdomain names that might identify them.

As you did in Week 1’s Meet Your cPanel, you will need to log into your Reclaim Hosting Client area and use the menu link to get to your cpanel. Hopefully this series of steps is becoming more natural.

Scroll down to the Domains section in cpanel. Click the icon for Subdomains:

We first create a subdomain where later we will install a blog to use to write about your Domain Camp adventure. Now you get to decide again on a subdomain name.

You might just go simple with But what if you create another blog? Is that a good name? Think about a name that is meaningful, descriptive, but won’t also limit your later uses. Maybe Perhaps you will use it beyond this project as a place to reflecting on your work, you might use

The Mad Scientists went with “thoughts” for their blog subdomain. So in the Create a Subdomain form, they enter “thoughts” in the first field. Automatically, when you move or click the third field, it creates the name of the file manager directory as where the content will be stored. That name is good as in the File Manager you will know it is the content for that subdomain.

Just click the Create button. That’s what the Mad Scientists did to create these subdomains for their future building plans.


You might notice that these URLs work, but they just show an empty directory view.

That’s because nothing is there. It’s not a problem as nothing in the world links to your new subdomain. In another activity, we will install WordPress into our blog subdomain. Right now they are placeholders, markers on your plot of internet land.

Make a screenshot of the list of subdomains you have created.

Next we will create a place you can store this in your own domain. Return to your cpanel File Manager and navigate to your public_html directory. Use +Folder from the top menu to add a directory here, maybe shared or documents… the Mad Scientists went with stuff.

Because this directory is inside public_html the URL that will display its contents is

They plan to add all kinds of “stuff”, so they repeat that step to make a subfolder called screens as a place to store screenshots. They upload their screenshot of their subdomains list, which they have on their computer as my-subdomains.jpg.

From here, they can figure out that the URL they can use to publicly display this image (and use as a response to this activity) is

See if you can get a URL for your screenshot that is an image file hosted in your domain.

Example for "Creating Subdomains in Cpanel":

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9 Responses Completed for this Activity

  • Three subdomains and counting? (Eleanor K Cass,

    Over the last week or two I’ve created three subdomains: and two more, which right now have redirects in them, so I’ll stick them in the other activity box.  Woo hoo! I did it (well, with lots of help  -thank you).  But still so many questions…. I created them and thought I had moved… Read more »

  • Subdomains and Images, yay! (jesslyndw, @jesslyndw)

    I did it!   Look at this cool new trick I now know.  This was a straightforward process, and I appreciate the way this structured guidance is getting me familiar with the workings of cPanel.  I wonder, is there an easier way for me to find the url without having to reconstruct it by typing?

  • Subdomains Created (Kim Carter, @Kcarte02)

    I was pretty happy to find out the linked worked! Yeah! However, what I learned (that I think I would like to change) is to shorten the names of my subdomains and not leave spaces. The link still worked with the space but I forgot it the first two times and I think that would… Read more »

  • Subdomain of a Subdomain? (Lisa Koster, @lkoster)

    Because I completed domain camp last year, I decided to make a subdomain to hold all my work for this year. In order to keep my work separate, I created subdomains with the same “camp2019” at the beginning. I was able to separate them with a “.” (I wasn’t sure if it would actually work,… Read more »

  • Subdomain (Tricia Bonner, @triciab67)

    I have created three subdomains. consideration as linked above, OER and Videos. All three have URL’s but as indicated by Alan- they don’t actually go anywhere.

  • New subdomain (Laura Killam, @NurseKillam)

    This is the domain I hope to build during camp. It is pretty empty right now.

  • Subdomains Camp (Irene Stewart, @IrenequStewart)

    I have successfully created subdomains and have highlighted same on the included image.

  • Creating Subdomains (Lisa Koster, @lkoster)

    I created a few subdomains to use to play around with on this website. I also added the screenshot showing the subdomains I created. As I work through these activities, I will have to give more thought to how I would like to structure this site. Perhaps add more subdomains for hobbies? family? It will… Read more »

  • Starting Out with Subdomains (Lynn Cartan, @LynnCartan)

    I currently have a few subdomains set up at Learning Squirrel.  These include: blog.  – where the Learning Squirrel blog resides polls.  – for future use videos.  – links to my Youtube channel (some recorded video lectures and assignments for courses I’m taking) photos.  – currently links to the gallery another of my websites,… Read more »

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  1. Norm Wright

    I’m working on these exercises in a different providers cpanel, but so far I’ve been able to follow along. This is good stuff to know about.


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