There is so much great work in your responses to the activities in Ontario Extend, dispersed among all the places people are sharing. Maybe we can curate the best resources, suggestions, ideas out of them to share amongst ourselves or others?

First find one of the activities you did (or reviewed) that have a good number of responses (say more than 5 or 10). Synthesize first somewhere (maybe on paper? in a doc) the things worth sharing, be it quotes or links, or maybe even media produced.

You now have curated something. How to share?

This is where you get to either put to use something you know of already, or maybe try a new tool/platform. Some suggestions for sharing your mOOC curation:

  • If you have been using a blog for your responses, or if you have a blog, you can easily create a new post to share what you curated.
  • Create a Google Document with sharing settings for everyone can read.
  • Assemble your summary in a post in the forum below.
  • Assemble it in PowerPoint and upload to Slideshare.
  • You have seen Padlet used for activities in this module- try one for yourself? Go to
  • Try another curation tool for things that exist at web sites- maybe Scoop It or FlipBoard or more listed here.
  • Got other ways? Use what you got.

The tool does not matter as much as being able to curate and share the things inside this mOOC that may not be easily seen even by those here, much less people outside. Tell us below what you curated.

Example for "Curate Ontario Extend":

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