List some specific activities that you can engage in to cultivate and expand your PLN.

Give some of them a try and report on your progress.

Write a blog post on the topic “Extending your PLN,” and if you are in twitter, tweet the link to it to @ontarioextend with the hashtag #oextend.


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10 Responses Completed for this Activity

  • What I do to extend my PLN (Heidi Holmes, @CCUniversityGates)

    I read regularly and although this doe include books, it mostly includes articles, blogs, posts, and even fine print.  I find that this allows me to learn and be aware of issues and topics that I would otherwise not know about. I also am a personable person who enjoys asking tough questions and debate. I… Read more »

  • My Personal Learning Network (Lynn Chartrand, @lynn_chartrand)

    My Personal Learning Network is beginning to evolve. Presented here are my thoughts on my own PLN.

  • PLN (Pamela Koski Bryant, @BryantKoski)

    Expanding my PLN is actually a concern of mine. I started full time teaching in August of 2018. Before this, I was in industry working in the fields I am teaching. I want to make sure I keep expanding my knowledge base to better serve my students. I think that extending (or expanding) my PLN… Read more »

  • Extending backwards in time to when posting about extending my PLN (Melanie Lefebvre, @ProfMelLefebvre)

    Please enjoy the time travel back to August, 2018.

  • Cultivating My PLN Garden (Mel Young, @melyoung00)

    Cultivate a PLN full of marigolds — educators that will protect you from weeds and pests, and ensure you grow into a healthy and strong educator yourself.

  • Extending Your Personal Learning Network (PLN) (Sidney, @data_professor)

    Here are some of the activities I engage in to expand my PLN: Try to follow new and interesting people on twitter. Look at who people I am interested follow, and follow some of those people too. As of right now, I am following 1,709 people and 384 are following me. I currently have 326… Read more »

  • Who Are You Plugged Into? (Danny Smith, @ProfessorDannySmith)

    I’ve found teaching a little isolating and so have created a PLN to help me create and be a part of the teaching community.  My post describes 3 ways in which I built my PLN.

  • Extending my PLN through Twitter (Irene Stewart, @IrenequStewart)

    My beginning steps to creating a PLN.

  • Extending Your PLN – Extenders4Life (Steven Secord, @stevensecord)

    The blog post response to this activity discusses the process I used over the past couple of years to build my PLN and how that process is very similar to doing research using databases and articles.

  • Extending my PLN with Twitter lists (Helen DeWaard, @hj_dewaard)

    I use Twitter lists to ‘gather people’ around a topic or event. I share these lists with those attending or sharing around the topic or event. This not only helps me remember who was there, but extends my own and other’s PLNs.

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