Do you have your own internet domain and some experience managing / using it?? Good! We’d like it if you can share with participants in Ontario Extend Domain Camp some wisdom from your experience – specifically, what led you to choose to manage your own domain? How do you use it?

Interview your domain with these questions!


  • What is your domain name and what is the story, meaning behind your choice of that as a name?
  • What was your understanding, experience with domains before you got one? Where were you publishing online before having one of your own?
  • What was a compelling feature, reason, motivation for you to get and use a domain? When you started what did you think you would put there?
  • What kinds of sites have you set up one your domain since then? How are you using them? Please share URLs!
  • What helped you or would have helped you more when you started using your domain? What do you still struggle with?
  • What kind of future plans to you have for your domain?
  • What would you say to other educators about the value, reason why to have a domain of your own? What will it take them to get going with their own domain?

Answer the questions in the response form below and share a link to the interview subject (e.g. one of your domain sites).

Example for "Interviewing Your Domain":

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