What concept in your discipline is like driving a car? Can you identify the component skills required to master this concept or skill?

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  • Assessing a patient is like driving a car (Iain Alexander Robertson, @IainRobertson)

    Clinical assessment is a tricky area for students and for experts. Students struggle with the content and its application. They struggle with the constituent parts and often get stuck focusing on very specific parts of the assessment process. They struggle with linking the elements of the process together and can frequent fall into cognitive overload… Read more »

  • Crossing the threshold from peer lecturer to peer tutor (Irene Stewart, @IrenequStewart)

    Once tutors understand their role as facilitator and guide, they leave behind their peer lecturer perspective. It becomes like driving a car and trying to describe how to do this role is difficult because you just do it.

  • SMART Objectives (Danny Smith, @ProfessorDannyS)

    @ontarioextend #oextWEST A. Teaching for Learning:  I feel that writing clear, specific, and measurable objectives is a critical skill for marketing/business students, if not all students. SMART Objectives Using the SMART approach (SMART = Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.  Video: https://youtu.be/1-SvuFIQjK8 ) helps students to identify what it is that they want to achieve, with… Read more »

  • The Expert Blind Spot (Steven Secord, @stevensecord)

    Speaking in front of a group is something experienced teachers take for granted. For student teachers, this is a new skill that they need to practice, similar to driving a car: Practice makes perfect.

  • Lesson Plans are like learning how to drive a car (Helen DeWaard, @hj_dewaard)

    Teaching how to write lesson plans and then deliver them in the classroom is not like driving a car. It’s like learning how to drive a car. It’s gets easier with experience. Driving the car is better if you’ve had lessons. Planning and delivering lessons in the classroom is sort of like that. But it’s… Read more »

  • References & citing (Jen Booth, @JenBoothatGC)

    I think that in academic writing, mastering the art of referencing & citing is a lot like driving a car. Students who have never encountered citation or referencing before are like fish out of water. They attempt to do their citations and reference page last, and struggle just to put a simple in-text citation together…. Read more »

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