LimeSurvey allows you to administer and manage the data for web-bases surveys. I found it easy install but a bit of work to figure out how to create and publish a survey

To set it up, I selected LimeSurvey from the selection of All Apps in the CPanel.

Before you begin, decide if you want to install LimeSurvey in a folder off your root directory or in a subdomain. I selected a subdomain called and set up a security certificate for this subdomain before I installed.

If you are installing in a subdomain, enter the address under Domain and leave the directory field blank as I did below. If you are installing in a directory, enter your main address under Domain and your folder name under the directory field.


I accepted all the default settings as recommended by Installatron.

Accept the generated Administrator Username and Password or create your own but write it down as you will need these to sign in to LimeSurvey. I have blacked out the information for my installation in the screenshot below.


When you have the username and password set up and noted for future use, you can press install.

When the installation is complete, LimeSurvey is listed as under My Apps.

screen shot

To enter the LimeSurvey, you have two choices: you can select the admin link from the My Apps section of CPanel, or enter the URL in your browser.

You will be presented with a log in screen:

screen shot

Once you have logged in, LimeSurvey give you the option of taking a guided tour to create your first survey. I used this option to walk through the first few steps. I also used their online manual and did a simple search to find answers.

I was able to set up a simple survey in less than 30 minutes and having worked through it once, I believe I would be quicker next time. There seems to be a strong set of options available for questions as well as options for how participants will access the survey.

If you want to try my first survey, please use the address provided as the example of this activity.

Example for "LimeSurvey in Your Domain":

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