Many Extend participants re active in Twitter. Like most social media, twitter can be a flood of information focused most on the “now” but there are some things you can use to curate out of that flow tweets you want to manage as a collection.

Until last year when it went out of business, many educators used the free service Storify to perform this kind of curation. Was this a lesson in trusting third party free tools? Not for some as they rushed to other ones. We think it is more reliable to go with one built into Twitter itself, one that almost no one seems to know about, Twitter Moments.

In fact, we have been using them in this mOOC to collect tweets related to each of the modules. We can provide a link to

And you can also use embed codes to insert these into web pages.

So how do you create these? Twitter has pretty good instructions. Just look under the Profile and Settings menu from the web twitter view (this is not available in Tweetdeck or 3rd party apps).

What do you add to a Moment? When you first create one, there are some options to quickly get at ones to pick- from your own likes, from a twitter account (even your own), or by searching in twitter. Like a curation as we have learned, there is Seeking and Sifting to do.

Maybe a better practice is to have some on going things you are curating, maybe for a class, or maybe things to share with colleagues, ideas for an upcoming presentation or just inspirational things you might use later. As you are browsing anywhere in Twitter (the web version) the small down arrow at the top right allows you to quickly add a tweet to either your two most recently created ones (right on the menu), to another existing one, or maybe even create a new moment on the spot.

When you curate Moments you also have options to order them using buttons to make them list in chronological or reverse chronological order, or just arbitrarily in the way that makes sense to you.

Using Moments in a regular fashion is a useful habit for doing more with Twitter. After you experiment with creating Moments, share (maybe in twitter!)  some ways you can see using them. For example, if you are using them in a class, students maybe even use them to create a portfolio of their own selected tweets. Or as a review/research project. Or…. well, you can hopefully come up with some ideas.

And if you want to go even farther with curating tweets, take a look at Martin Hawkey’s Twitter TAGs, a pre-built Google Spreadsheet you can copy and set up to automatically curate/archive tweets that provides useful summary data (see one for #ExtendMooc tweets), and even a visualization of the activity (ditto).

See more in the Extend Activity Bank under Archive, Analyze and Visualize Tweets with Your Own Twitter TAGS Worksheet.

Where can you go with curating tweets?


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