Create an introductory activity connected to your discipline to get to know your learners. For example:

  • In a human geography class you could ask every student to describe their favourite place.
  • For earth science the question could be “What mineral would you be based on hardness? Why?”
  • For English literature, each student could discuss what fictional character they would like to invite to dinner, and why.
  • In history, ask what figure, living or dead, would be the most interesting to have at a cocktail party?

Can you think of some fun and interesting questions for your discipline?


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Example for "Please Allow Me To Introduce My Field":

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  • Syllabus kahoot! (Jen Booth, @JenBoothatGC)

    In the very first class, I break students into small groups and give each group a course syllabus to review. They’re given 10 – 15 minutes to review and ask each other questions about the contents of the syllabus. The groups are then pitted against each other in a kahoot! That asks 10 questions about… Read more »

  • Reflecting on an electic collection of intro activities for online courses (Joanne Kehoe, @Joanne_Kehoe)

    A blog post on various introductory questions/activities that one might consider. Will be added to as I remember more!  

  • Little known fact (NurseKillam, @nursekillam)

    At the start of class students take turns telling me their name and an interesting, little-known fact about themselves. It is short and helps me remember names. It works in classes where people already know each other because I ask them to tell the class something others do not already know. It is a lot… Read more »

  • Design our course!!! (Steve Floyd, @stevenpfloyd)

    Students into groups of three, often with students they do not know. Each group is given a set of the curriculum expectations for the course that have been printed and cut up into small strips. Groups are asked to organize similar expectations into units , then give a name to each of their units and… Read more »


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