Mostly we will create content on our own servers for our subdomains, but they also are handy for being an easy to remember short cut link to content elsewhere on the web. We can use a subdomain as a way to seamlessly send a site visitor to a link we have chosen

For example, the Mad Scientists at Extend Labs are crazy about a YouTube Channel of the same name.

If you see that URL, do you know what it is for? It’s rather ugly. That’s one place were Domain Redirects come in handy.

Access your domain’s cpanel, and in the Domains section, follow the link for Redirects.

From the second menu under Add Redirect, The Mad Scientists select the subdomain they created for videos:

In the Redirects field, they enter the URL where they want to send people (the one above). Next, they click Add. See what this URL does Cool, eh? Are you not easily impressed?

Now this is not all that different as using a short link service like but with this tool you can manage everything from your own domain, and it has your domain built into the URL as a bit of identity building for people who know your work. When you manage the redirection, you can later change the link where it sends people, or maybe even in the future, create your own site where the videos will reside.

When you return to the Subdomains section of cpanel, you can see at a glance the ones you made, where the files are stored, where the redirection links go.

Now try to think of a situation that it would be useful to have a subdomain on your site act as a redirection to another URL outside of your domain. You may need to review the activity for creating a subdomain.

Use this redirecting subdomain as the URL for your response to this activity.

Example for "Redirecting with a Subdomain":

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  • Redirecting (Lisa Koster, @lkoster)

    I did my redirect by pointing my camp2019.videos subdomain to a Youtube video. Very easy. I can see this as being a great way to share instead of using a link. For example, if you are doing a presentation and you have a PowerPoint, video or handout – you could send them to a… Read more »

  • Redirect (Tricia Bonner, @triciab67)

    I think I have done this correctly. At this point though I can only access it from the url I do not have a link on my main domain page. I am hoping we will get into that in a bit.

  • Spaces for new ideas (Irene Stewart, @IrenequStewart)

    I have created a subdomain that redirects to my educator youtube channel. I have also created a few other subdomains for areas that I would like to play with. I am pleased that this was very easy to do!

  • Subdomains & Redirects (Lisa Koster, @lkoster)

    I always wondered about how it worked with additional words instead of www were added to the URL I did the activity – linking my new “” page to my current blog that I started for Extend West.  Very cool. The only thing is that is you see the URL at the top that you’ve… Read more »

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2 Responses to “Redirecting with a Subdomain”

  1. Laura Killam

    I wanted to make one link on my webpage redirect. I installed WordPress, published a post, then did the activity but added the rest of the path under the domain. When I click on it on my website it doesn’t work. Thoughts?


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