All the activities in the Scholar module build to this culminating activity. It has three components.

  • Share your SoTL research plan through a post (blog or other sharable document) that reflects your thinking from the beginning of the Scholarship module to the point at which you begin to plan your research.
  • In your writing, describe your research questions, prior research you will undertake to inform your research design, your plan of action, and a dissemination strategy.
  • Make your personal reflection the core narrative, along with your written plan through a link to the file and/or a summary and an image that illustrates the direction in which you intend to go with this SoTL research.

If you worked on your project plan as a Google Doc, you can move a copy of it to the SoTL Research Plan Folder. First visit the folder, and from the SoTL Folder name listing, use the menu to the right to Add To My Drive. This places a reference to the folder in your own Google Drive. Now navigate in your own Drive to find your Research Plan document. Right or control click on the name in the directory listing, and use the Move command to place your document in the SoTL Research Plan Folder.

On the other hand, if you composed your plan in a Word document, visit the visit the folder and just drag and drop your file into the folder to upload a copy.

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After you do this activity, please share it so it can appear with other responses below. If your response exists at a public viewable URL, you can add the information directly to this site.

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