A Domain of your Own gives you more than one web site you can put there, think of it as a plot of land with many different structures.

It’s useful to have an entrance gate or a simple “calling card” for the main URL of you domain (e.g. like extendlabs.ca). Later we will show you how to install blogs and other applications at different locations within.

Your web hosting cpanel includes an easy to use tool that will let you create your first web site just by filling out a few items in a form. These are simple, and probably in no time you will find them limiting. But for now, in a few minutes you can create something with information you choose to replace the temporary screen a new Reclaim Hosting domain provides you. Consider it as a placeholder for a fancier front entrance.

The instructions below are specific to a domain that has yet to publish any content. If you have something already published at your main domain URL, scroll down for a way you can try out the Site Publisher tool.

This portion of video screencast from Domain Camp 2018 walks you through the steps illustrated below

Let’s get in there and publish something to your domain.

Here are some previews of some of the kinds of calling card sites you can quickly publish in as little as five minutes:

example screen shots of 4 different templated themes

Example of quick sites created with the cpanel Site Publisher

Using the cpanel Site Publisher

If you already reviewed the guide for Meet Your cPanel, you should know how to log into your Reclaim Hosting Client area (or other web host admin interface) and then use the top menu link to get to your cpanel.

Look for (and click) the Site Publisher icon listed under the Domains section.

The Site Publisher tool is within the Domains section

Finding the Site Publisher in cpanel

Under Select a Domain your domain will already be selected, since it’s the only thing currently available in your account to publish a new site with this tool.

Open the Select a Template section to see what is available. We suggest using one of the following templates to try first:

Suggested templates highlighted: 'About Me', 'Personal', 'Under Construction', and 'Aerial'

Recommended templates to use for site publisher

Do not get to wrapped up in the choices since you will most likely replace this very soon. Below is more specific editing information for the four recommended templates.

Following the template section, the Site Publisher displays form fields that you can enter. Any fields left blank will not be displayed.

About Me Template

This template provides a place for a photo, a tagline, links for social media accounts, and two different text sections with headings that you can use to provide additional information.

In the Customize and Publish section you can add the information you want to appear in your site. Any fields left blank will be ignored and not displayed.

The values for the colors require a Hex Color code; you can use a tool built right into Google Search to find the value for the color you want to use.

Perhaps the trickiest part on this form is the Image URL field- the image it use has to exist on the web somewhere. Here are some things you can try:

  • If you have a photo on the web somewhere and can find that web address, enter it in the field.
  • If you just want to try something, use this address for the Extend Ontario logo http://extendlabs.ca/images/x-logo-150.jpg Or for fun, try Pravatar, a site tht dynamically generates a random CC0 licensed image at this URL http://i.pravatar.cc/150
  • To use an image file you have on your computer, upload it to the /images director using the instructions below for Uploading Your Own Files.
  • Leave the field blank to skip using an image or to add it later.

For now, enter as much information as you want to try on your first round, you can always return and edit / add information later.

Just for now, click Publish at the bottom of the page.

Just like that, your domain has a web site. Under the Congratulations banner you will find the link to see how it looks.

If you want to modify, and information, click the 3. Customize and Publish tab to edit the information entered earlier. Or go to 2. Select a Template to try one of the other templates below.

The Personal Template

This clean simple template has fewer text fields (a tag line and an About Me statement), an image, and social media links.

For the purposes of just trying this out, play with using this URL for a random avatar image http://i.pravatar.cc/150.

Most of the fields for editing are shown below. You may notice as you try other themes that it may remember information entered earlier.

The Aerial template

This theme is even simpler, it has your just name, a tag line and social media links. When published it has a neat effect where the mountains image animates as if it were scrolling past you.

The Under Construction Template

And simpler still, this template is really meant as a pure place holder- it lists only your name, a tagline, and an email address.

“Easy, but what about changing the background? And the icon? And…”

The Site Publisher is a crude, limited tool. All it is doing is putting some content into your web site’s directory for you. We can almost expect after your first round of experimentation, you will be wanting to changing it.

That’s good that you want to do more. But let’s leave that aside for now to get a better understanding of how to install more sophisticated web applications into your domain. If you really want to dive in to using the File Manager to change content produced by the site publisher, see the lower sections of the Domains Guide to Calling Cards.

If you already have something published at the front entrance…

Maybe you have a blog or another site already installed on your domain. If so, you will most certainly find the Site Publisher too limited, but maybe an Under Construction template might work as a placeholder for a new project?

You can use this tool to publish also to a subdomain (this is another activity in this site). You can see this at the demo link for this activity- it is actually published at about.extendlabs.ca.

If your own domain already has existing content at the main entrance (perhaps a blog), e.g. mysnazzydomaon.ca you can still create a landing site at an address such as me.mysnazzydomaon.ca or who.mysnazzydomaon.ca

Example for "Building a Front Entrance for Your Domain with Site Publisher":

Complete This Activity

After you do this activity, please share it so it can appear with other responses below. If your response exists at a public viewable URL, you can add the information directly to this site.

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9 Responses Completed for this Activity

  • Tech For Teaching up and Running! (jesslyndw, @jesslyndw)

    After a few bumps, I have my techforteaching site up and going, and I’m liking the way it’s going to be shaping up.  I’m hoping to use this as a one-stop shop for a variety of purposes, including a blog and social media presence to help my colleagues here at Conestoga.  But mostly, this is… Read more »

  • A placeholding experiment. (Chris Aldrich, @chrisaldrich)

    These are an interesting little side experiment for getting something quick and dirty up. I think they’d be more valuable as simple templates if they’d let one define some additional links like “Blog” with an icon and a field to redirect to a subdirectory or subdomain. I was also surprised that there were so many… Read more »

  • Coming Soon (Kim Carter, @Kcarte02)

    This was a great exercise. I tried out a few different templates, checked, they looked good, and then I went back to the original template. Then I received an error message, contacted support (who was awesome and responsive) and now my coming soon notice is up and running. A sidebar is while I was trying… Read more »

  • Starting this like a newbie (Lisa Koster, @lkoster)

    Although I was part of Domain Camp last year, I felt like a needed a refresher, so I am working my way though the activities like a newbie. I set up a subdomain just for this years camp so I can play around while I decide how I want my “real” website to look…

  • Fulfilling a promise (almost) (Mark Wilson, @mcorbettwilson)

    Last year I told my friend Dan Reilly I would help him put up a website. I helped him pick a domain name and register it with Reclaim Hosting (of course) and then requested a bio and some photos of his work. I’m sure I’ll get that bio soon. 😉 We met in 1988, right after… Read more »

  • NurseKillam (Laura Killam, @NurseKillam)

    Okay, so I didn’t really follow the directions because I already have a landing page. This one uses the same theme as our camp counsellor. It was in need of an update so that is what I did for today’s activity. I updated the YouTube section, removed one and added “domains.” Please take a look… Read more »

  • Holding my Place (Lynn Cartan, @LynnCartan)

    For this activity, I did some tweaks to the original landing page I’d created for Learning Squirrel.   I changed out to a different template, updating to the Fresh one.  The image here shows what the updated landing page looked like after also completing the activity to change the image.  Already much better than the old… Read more »

  • I have a placeholder (Irene Stewart, @IrenequStewart)

    This is just too exciting. Procaffination.ca has an actual landing page! Woot Woot! I’m phoning my mom to check it out! Mom, it’s me, I am calling from camp!!

  • MyOwnDomain… (Lisa Koster, @lkoster)

    My first experience developing a website using something other than WordPress!  The page is simple…the Site Publisher Tool was very easy to use..however, it would be nice to be able to change the picture (although it’s a nice picture)…

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