This activity is taken from the Thought Vectors course, designed by Dr. Gardner Campbell.

Nuggets: Check out the The Open Faculty Patchbook, and select an article that resonates with you. Take a passage from the article that grabs you in some way and make that passage as meaningful as possible.

It could be a passage that puzzles you, or intrigues you, or resonates strongly with you. It could be a passage you agree with, or one you disagree with. The idea here is that the passage evokes some kind of response in you, one that makes you want to work with the passage to make it just as meaningful as possible. A good length for your nugget is about a paragraph or so. Too much, and it becomes unwieldy. Too little, and you don’t have enough to work with.

How do you make something as meaningful as possible? Well, use your imagination. You’ll probably start by copying and pasting the nugget. Or if you’re feeling very multimedia inclined, read your nugget aloud and make an audio file. From there, consider hyperlinks, illustrations, video clips, animated gifs, screenshots, whatever. Make the experience as rich and interesting as you can.

Obviously, one of the main goals of this assignment is to get you to read carefully and respond to them imaginatively. Your work with “nuggets” should be both fun and in earnest. It should demonstrate your own deep engagement and stimulate deep engagement for your reader as well.


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image credit: “Vapor trails at dusk” flickr photo by AlexanderVanLoon shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

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9 Responses Completed for this Activity

  • Le doute (Emmanuel Nadeau, @nadeau_emmanuel)

    Voici mon extrait de “PATCH TWENTY-THREE: (UN)PREPARED” “It seems no matter how long I work at this, how many students I shepherd through a school year’s worth of physical education, I never, ever feel well prepared. In every class, each section, in contact with each student, there’s a portion of doubt that stays in attendance…. Read more »

  • Patchbook and nuggets! (Pamela Koski Bryant, @BryantKoski)

    Ontario Extend: Nugget from the Patch Twenty-Four: It’s Not (So) Scary to Walk the Walk ‘I need to learn what resources and skills I need to create an effective and accessible assignment. And I need patience, as demonstrated by the suspicion that I see multiple “takes” in my future as I learn how to develop… Read more »

  • Thought Vectors: How Deep Do We Need To Go? (Lynn Chartrand, @lynn_chartrand)

    Here are my thoughts!

  • Nuggets from the Open Faculty Patchbook (Mel Young, @melyoung00)

    Thought Vectors response for OE.

  • Google is wary of pirates (Melanie Lefebvre, @ProfMelLefebvre)

    Was initially slightly intimidated by this activity but I ended up appreciating the outside-of-the-box thinking

  • Sync Video Thought Vectors (Steven Secord, @stevensecord)

    I’ve created a blog post in response to this activity where I discuss Patch #5 – In Sync – Thoughts on Sync Video Conversations.

  • Good for students; good for us too. (Irene Stewart, @IrenequStewart)

    Exploring a nugget from Patch Nine on affirming feedback.

  • It's a Nugget (Helen DeWaard, @hj_dewaard)

    This is a nugget from the Open Faculty Patchbook  Chapter Twenty-One: Just Listen written by Chuck Pearson. This nugget highlights the importance of learning students’ names and being able to address each individual with their given or chosen names as part of building a personal relationship

  • Birdsong (Wendy Ward, @wenward)

    my thought vector 

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