• The educators in the video express multiple experiences about SoTL. Which of the experiences are similar to your own? Identify and list three key characteristics of SoTL that resonate with your own experience and practice.
  • Use the padlet -> http://tiny.cc/extend-scholarship to record the three key characteristics of SoTL that are meaningful to you. Compare your thoughts with those of your colleagues.
  • In the Padlet, click plus sign (+) to add your own comment.

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image source: “Keys” flickr photo by jaygooby https://flickr.com/photos/jaygooby/2866359958 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


Example for "SoTL #1 – Three Keys of SoTL":

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4 Responses Completed for this Activity

  • My Top 3 (Melanie Lefebvre, @ProfMelLefebvre)

    The metaphor of the syllabus as a hypothesis but what is missing is the closing of the loop. Did we meet our hypothesis? Reflective practice of one’s teaching with an emphasis on student learning Asking a question vs. just teaching without looking for answer. Thus, there is evidence involved. Often stems from a challenge but… Read more »

  • SoTL #1 – Three Keys of SoTL (Sidney, @data_professor)

    I can imagine that you read the title, and are wondering, as I was, what exactly a SoTL is. Well, it seems you have come to the right place, as SoTL stands for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  I think this is a great activity because while I know alot about the subjects I teach, I… Read more »

  • Getting science-y (Irene Stewart, @IrenequStewart)

    Considering what SoTL is anyways!

  • So what's the answer? (Helen DeWaard, @hj_dewaard)

    Whenever teachers ask students some tough questions or assign a tough project, they’ll often turn to each other, or ask the instructor “So, what’s the answer?” This is the beginning of some reflections on what the answers may be to some burning questions about SoTL – beginning with what key characteristics resonate for me –… Read more »

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