Before one even starts learning how to manage an internet domain of their own, they face the step of choosing a name for what will be their street address on the internet.  What should be on the left some of “something” dot “something” as one’s own internet address?

Some people stick with something close to or based on their name, so it clearly identifies”all their web sites?

Others have chosen a name that is more thematic, a play on words, a reference to interests or just a playful attitude.

There is no “correct” answer (but plenty of search result suggestions)- it’s a matter of what fits better for your personality, and as long as you are creating and sharing at that address.

What was the thinking behind your domain name? Share your story at a link or in response form below.

Example for "What’s In a Domain Name?":

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  • I Interviewed my domain (Terry Greene, @greeneterry)

  • (Xinli Wang, @xinli_w)

    When I chose domain name, I eventually went with math is obvious because I do and teach math; rojak is a popular local dish of Singapore which is a mixture of fruits and vegetables. For people from that corner of the world, this word carries a lot of memories about home. And it’s also… Read more »

  • Tech For Teaching Domain (jesslyndw, @jesslyndw)

    There is no fancy story for my domain TBH! Tech For Teaching is the way I brand the tech-related coaching I offer faculty here at the school (ed tech is confusing here – do you mean the AV dept? or our LMS? or something entirely different??)  So I just want a flexible way to post… Read more »

  • What's In a Domain Name (Kim Carter, @Kcarte02) is what I have decided to use for my domain name. I struggled to decide because I wondered if something with my name was more appropriate. The truth is I have no pre-conceived ideas about what a domain is and how I will eventually use it. The name cupofTEAching was something my “kids” (adult… Read more »

  • Domain Name (Tricia Bonner, @triciab67)

    Wow, some great stories for your names. Thanks for sharing. Similar to Nell I could not come up with something unique. This is a very very new venture for me and right now it is really about the learning so I simply went with TriciaB – it is how I am known through my circle… Read more »

  • Learning for Growth (Lisa Koster, @lkoster)

    I completed Domain Camp last year and I found it quite rewarding. I am still agonizing over the right “home address”.  I chose the name learn4growth because I believe when we learn new things, we grow as a person, both personally and professionally. Last year we made all kinds of cool subdomains and pages.  So… Read more »

  • What's in a Domain Name? (Eleanor K Cass,

    I’ve been enjoying the stories of how people chose their domain names. I got my first domain less than a week ago but I agonized over the name for ages.  In the end, I was influenced by the idea that your domain is a bit like your email address or home address (I was introduced… Read more »

  • What’s In a Domain Name? (Norberto da Gloria, @n_dagloria)

    Interconnecting the Aviation World

  • What’s In a Domain Name? (Khürt Williams, @khurtwilliams)

    Although I don’t write much about the topic on my website, I love science fiction, especially cyber-punk and Japanese anime and superhero graphic novels. One of my favourite cyberpunk novels in the early 1990s was a novel, Islands in the Net, written in 1988 by science fiction author, Bruce Sterling. Islands in the Net is… Read more »

  • Why my domain name is outstanding (literally!) (Chris Aldrich, @chrisaldrich)

    My current domain name ( came from a crazy brainstorm several years ago when I was registering a handful of domain names related to ideas in the entertainment industry. I was surprised that there were a handful of well-known and commonly used industry phrases that were freely available, so I scooped them all up. While… Read more »

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