One way of teaching via a connected learning approach is that learners do their work in digital spaces outside of the course site and the institution owned servers but in personal hosted blogs (Domains of Ones Own), free hosted blogs, and social media sites.

A connected course type hub we can build is in a WordPress site that aggregates content automatically via RSS Feeds using the Feed WordPress plugin.

Below are are examples Alan Levine has worked on / developed. He has also published a five part Feed WordPress 101 guide for building sites this way that is a reference we will use for this activity.

Others have used and are using this same approach. These examples are from an open google doc where we collected examples of connected courses:

A Guide to Building A Connected Course Hub

A five part series by Alan Levine, Building Connected Courses: Feed WordPress 101, provides all the details (and more) for creating one of these course hubs in WordPress.

There are quite a few parts to this, but many others have built their own hubs following this guide.

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This activity was part of week 7 of Domain Camp.

Example for "Building a WordPress Syndication Hub":

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