Throughout this module we’ve explored various types of metaphors for teaching and learning. Prior learning was baggage. Motivation was drive. Mastery and organization of knowledge are like component building blocks toward a cohesive structure. Self-direction and metacognition are like our own internal GPS signaling our own personal wayfinding.

Now it’s time to put it together considering your own teaching philosophy. What is your metaphor for teaching and learning?

Find a photo or draw a picture. Narrate why this image represents you and your approach as a teacher.

Note: No winding roads metaphors allowed! Sheryl Crow used it already!

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image credit: “classic winding road” flickr photo by Orest U shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license



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10 Responses Completed for this Activity

  • Changer leur façon de voir le monde (Emmanuel Nadeau, @nadeau_emmanuel)

    En tant que professeur, ma priorité est de remettre en question les conceptions du monde de mes étudiants. Si j’ai réussi à les déstabiliser à les transformer, j’ai réussi. Transmettre de l’information aux étudiants ne les transforme pas; il faut donc que j’arrive avec des perpectives alternatives et des idées percutantes. Quant à l’image de… Read more »

  • To Honour One’s Calling! (Ronald Menard, @RonaldMenard9)

    Metaphors to describe my teaching philosophy  My real job in life is to honour my calling in the best way possible, that is to determine who I am meant to be as a.teacher. The following metaphors I have chosen from this module resonate well with me. « The Lamplighters » describe how instructors attempt to illuminate the… Read more »

  • My Teaching Philosophy (Pamela Koski Bryant, @BryantKoski)

    My Teaching Philosophy! The more hands on the better!!!  

  • Teachers Are Like Coaches (Lynn Chartrand, @lynn_chartrand)

    As educators, we fulfill a variety of roles. Here is one of my roles.

  • Teaching and Learning Metaphor (Sidney, @data_professor)

    My teaching and learning are a lot of Winnie the Pooh. Well, Winnie and his group of friends. Some days I feel like Tigger, bouncing off the walls with energy, multi tasking, writing lectures, emailing, and making checklists of the other hundred things I have to accomplish. Or sometimes it’s a Piglet day. I have… Read more »

  • Mutualism at Its Finest (Mel Young, @melyoung00)

    Teaching is like the crocodile and the plover.

  • Can't wait to get back to the construction site Monday! (Melanie Lefebvre, @ProfMelLefebvre)

    Teaching philosophy: under construction

  • Metaphor for Teaching (Steven Secord, @stevensecord)

    Finding the right metaphor for teaching was harder than I thought. This blog post walks you through my thought process and the final metaphor I landed on for being a Teacher for Learning.

  • Standing in a different river everyday. (Irene Stewart, @IrenequStewart)

    Have you hear that you can’t step in the same river twice? Well, you can’t teach the same class twice either!

  • Campfire as metaphor (Helen DeWaard, @hj_dewaard)

    My metaphor for teaching and learning frequently connects to a campfire. It’s not just the fire itself, but the people who join together at the fire to share stories and eat s’mores. It’s and event that has a beginning, middle and end. There is a unique dance between the flames, the people, the sequence and… Read more »

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