Join me for dinner

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Having a meal with friends and family tends to be more fulfilling than eating alone.  We linger longer, eat a little more, and have more meaningful conversations and experiences.  This held  true for my recent project despite my efforts to use tech tools to facilitate collaboration between buildings and FT and PT faculty running on varied schedules.

I recently managed a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) implementation pilot project and there were about 30+ participants between faculty and faculty services areas.  Most participants had way more experience with UDL than I did so it was important for me to learn as much and as quickly as possible.

In my role I learned that in-person activities worked best despite the various online tools being used.  In-person curriculum consults, training sessions, and discussions proved to be the most impactful.  Trying to capture participants’ attention with online tools like the LMS, email, and video conferences was nearly impossible.

The biggest challenge was the limited frequency of the in-person events as well as trying to gain momentum and build frequency via tech tools.

Design our course!!!

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Students into groups of three, often with students they do not know.

Each group is given a set of the curriculum expectations for the course that have been printed and cut up into small strips.

Groups are asked to organize similar expectations into units , then give a name to each of their units and order the units (1st unit, 2nd unit, 3rd unit, etc).

All groups then present their newly designed courses to the class and explain rationale.

By the end students know each other and are very familiar with the course, and the teacher has some great ideas for structuring the lessons.