Menus (Response)

Added by Lisa Koster, Response for Setting Out Your WordPress Menus Activity

As I wrote last year, I wish this activity was around when I was first learning WordPress 6 years ago. I learned everything here the hard way .. I recently combined two different blogs into one. This required a re-vamp of my entire menu structure which you can see here The Theme I had chosen… Read more »

My Own Cloud Storage (Response)

Added by Kim Carter, Response for Store and Share Files in your Domain’s OwnCloud Activity

I was able to install OwnCloud, I uploaded pictures and I created a sound folder. In my sound folder is a heart beat by Mike Koenig from free sound effects. I think this is a very useful feature to have on my domain. I can use it for both personal and professional.

YOURLs (Response)

Added by Kim Carter, Response for Adding YOURLs- a URL Shortener to Your Domain Activity

I love this tool. I now have one place to store my bookmarked links. that makes them easy to find and share.  I like that this runs through my own domain. I am not sure that the URLs are actually shorter because it adds in the name bookmarks. However, I like that I can store… Read more »

Running my site under SSL (Response)

Added by Kim Carter, Response for Running Your Sites under SSL Activity

I was able to issue certificates for my sites and my previous and new Word Press accounts/blogs. The only step I was not able to complete was the automatic force serving content. When I went to create the .htaccess file it said it was an error because it already existed. When I clicked on it… Read more »

From Categories to Post Title (Response)

Added by jesslyndw, Response for Wrangling WordPress Permalinks Activity

So, since I’m using my blog for a different purpose (maybe the wrong one, oh no!) I’m going to post here (and maybe tweet a bit). I love the deliberateness with which I can customize this site.  Initially, I had set my permalinks to the Category/Postname option, but started finding the way I was writing… Read more »

Aw Man! (Response)

Added by jesslyndw, Response for Adjusting a Few Key Settings in WordPress Activity

I feel like I learned this the hard way at week 2 of camp – plus I’m the worst for taking a very DIY approach, and not consulting online communities and forums, so it was a bit painful learning some of this stuff! That said, I’m in love with what I could create with all… Read more »

URL Shortener FTW! (Response)

Added by jesslyndw, Response for Adding YOURLs- a URL Shortener to Your Domain Activity

I was forever bouncing into my bitly account to track traffic on my shortlinks, it’s fantastic to have it all rolled in together with my own site!  It did go glitchy on me when I tried to use capitals in the Custom short URL, but worked fine with lowercase. For example worked but… Read more »