Comprendre les inégalités, quel avantage? (Response)

Added by Emmanuel Nadeau, Response for WIIFM Activity

Dans le cadre de mon cours, les étudiants sont portés à comprendre les inégalités sous tous ses aspects. Cette compréhension leur donnera une nouvelle paire de lunette à travers de laquelle ils peuvent percevoir la réalité. Plus concrètement, ils développent une maîtrise d’un des plus grands enjeux sociaux de notre temps, ainsi que les racines… Read more »

Les inégalités sociales et économiques: enjeux et solutions (Response)

Added by Emmanuel Nadeau, Response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

Voici une carte conceptuelle qui offre un survol du contenu de mon cours “Inégalités sociales et économiques : enjeux et solutions”. Les inégalités économiques sont au coeur du cours, mais je touche également aux inégalités sociales et externes. J’ai construit mon cours autour de questions.

La pauvreté, un fléaut méritocratique? (Response)

Added by Emmanuel Nadeau, Response for Misunderstood Activity

Plusieurs étudiants considèrent que la pauvreté et la misère sont très souvent le résultat d’une paresse ou d’un manque de motivation. Pour mieux faire comprendre les différentes influences qui jouent sur le phénomène d’inégalités économiques, je dresse un parrallèle avec les pays. Les pays sous-développés sont-ils plus pauvres puisque leur population travaille moins fort ou… Read more »

Publishing Curated content on Scoop.It (Response)

Added by Ronald Menard, Response for Your Definition Is This Activity

Publishing curated content on a topic page will help me share valuable information with my social networks, showcase my expertise and build my professional brand. helps in creating an organized path through the best materials I know of besides photocopies of great articles I have found, or organizing PDFs on Moodle, and gathering… Read more »

Mapping my PLN with Like-Minded Professionals (Response)

Added by Ronald Menard, Response for Mapping your PLN Activity

While mapping my PLN (Personal Learning Network), I realized how fortunate I was to have engaged with like-minded professionals/colleagues who shared common interests and insights. My previous research on the “male psyche” had very limited material available in order to find solid ground for a thesis statement. My contacts, who all came from different backgrounds,… Read more »

Collaboration Project – Expanding Local Mining Services Internationally (Response)

Added by Ronald Menard, Response for The Collaborative Dining Table Activity

As a response to The Collaborative Dining Table activity, I am delighted to describe and contextualize my project experience with a local mining company that wanted to expand their services internationally. The personnel manager invited me to participate in the project that demanded translations of mining operations in Spanish for international expansion of services to… Read more »

Digital Literacies for Teaching (Response)

Added by Ronald Menard, Response for It’s Alive! Activity

What best describes and contextualize my response to this activity is the use of “digital literacies” for teaching. They feature seven elements that are designed to support both teaching and learning: media, information, digital scholarship, learning skills, ICT literacy, career, identity management, communications, and collaboration. On the other hand, it also encourages information literacy; we… Read more »

Identify the challenges for my learners (Response)

Added by Ronald Menard, Response for Empathy Map Activity

Empathy brings us to experience the learner’s perspective and to create an environment that is favourable to enhance one’s learning experience.  Most of the feedback/information that was gathered from my students were from posts, E-Mails, written assignments, informal discussions in the classroom. Next, I needed to identify the important challenges that my students had expressed… Read more »

Digital Literacies for Teaching (Response)

Added by Ronald Menard, Response for What Are Digital Literacies? Activity

My definition for digital literacies (Belshaw 2012) for teaching include seven elements: media literacy, information literacy, digital scholarship, learning skills, ICT literacy, career and identity management, and communications and collaboration (Infokit guide produced by Jisc in the UK). Media literacy involves all forms of communications (E-Mails, Twitter, Blogs, etc.) in a range of media, whereas… Read more »

May I Introduce Myself (Response)

Added by Ronald Menard, Response for Please Allow Me To Introduce My Field Activity

I created an introductory activity, connected to my discipline, to get to know my learners (Climate) Activity 1 – May I Introduce Myself My name is _________ My concentration or field of specialization is in_____________ What are my expectations for ENGL 1541? What are my fears and apprehensions? Do I have any special hobby or… Read more »