Collaborative Dinner Table (Response)

Added by Lynn Chartrand, Response for The Collaborative Dining Table Activity

I choose the detail the accounts of an Interprofessional Initiative that I has the pleasure of leading. While this was the first big initiative that I lead, it certainly will not be the last.

Faculty Challenge: Unable to attend PD session in-person (Response)

Added by Mel Young, Response for Learner Challenge Activity

Originally I did the empathy map with students, but I found it more useful to complete the empathy map using my other ‘clients’ – faculty. They want to learn more but just don’t have time during the academic year to attend all of the PD sessions in-person that they’d like to. They still want to… Read more »

Diving Cap ON! (Response)

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Diving Cap ON! (Illustration by Patrik Tschudin,, unchange, retrieved from   I took 3 deep dives in Module 5! Find out which at