Collaboration Project – Expanding Local Mining Services Internationally

A response to the The Collaborative Dining Table Activity
created by Ronald Menard (@RonaldMenard9)

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As a response to The Collaborative Dining Table activity, I am delighted to describe and contextualize my project experience with a local mining company that wanted to expand their services internationally. The personnel manager invited me to participate in the project that demanded translations of mining operations in Spanish for international expansion of services to Spain, Mexico, Central America, and South America. The skills of the personnel manager were in business administration and in mining operations. I knew very little about mining operations and it was a huge challenge to be part of this mining expansion project.  In advertisement, the web designer and the marketing manager of the company both knew very little about translating mining operations in Spanish that would work on an international scale. In the board room, we used the AppleTV, laptop (i.e. the assistant CEO)), tablets, and cell phones.  We communicated with the owners of the company in Spain on our laptops and with engineers in South America; we had to establish common mining terminology that would work internationally.  Most of the administrative personnel had never worked in a mine before working with the company and I had very little knowledge of mine operations at that time. However, the web site was successful because within two years of advertising internationally, the company services expanded to the North of Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica. The networking and the collaborative work of professionals became a huge financial success later in expanding operations internationally.

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