Collaborative Coffee Table

A response to the The Collaborative Dining Table Activity
created by Bettina Brockerhoff-Macdonald (@BettinaBrocker1)

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New Online Progam Planning can take intra- and inter-institutional collaboration depending on the size and scope of the project. You will most likely need content experts from the Academic Department to create content for courses and plan the curriculum, peer reviewers of the content from within and outside of the institution to ensure validity of content; an instructional designer and online course technician to support the creation of the content of online course delivery and a project manager to keep the project on track as per agreed timelines and resolve issues as they arise. This past year we collaborated with the School of Nursing to create a Palliative Care Program which included community partners along with faculty members at our university.

I choose the table setting in a warm area of the world as we usually have these types of meetings in the deep of winter with our cups of tea or coffee to keep us warm and dreaming of sunny skies and warmer temperatures 🙂

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