Comparison of searches for heart anatomy images

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Using unplash for a medical image generated very general medical images.   Searching for a heart anatomy image gave many non-relevant images such as valentines etc.  I found it difficult to get into Flikr as my password reset would not send the link. These small frustrations may steer one away from using these sites.   I found our college library creative commons images to be the best source.

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  1. Asger Balle

    Dear Extend Activity Bank,     I think it’s a great resource guide you have on I’m writing to hear if you would consider adding a link to our open-access image resource -  It is basically a collection of free to use anatomical/rehab images. The resource has been created in collaboration with Danish Rheumatologists. I am trying to promote it so that students and researchers everywhere can use it. It is an early stag enow (100+ images) but is regularly updated with new images.   Let me knowwhat you think and if you have any questions or feedback for the resource I will be very happy to hear them.  Best regards, Asger Balle Injurymap & Copenhagen University


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