Down the Rabbit Hole

A response to the Adding a Self Contained Site with File Manager Activity
created by Lynn Cartan (@LynnCartan)

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For this activity, I ended up going out to HTML5UP and picking up the Spectral template.  Originally I had just intended to just unpack the site and perhaps change an image or two.  Instead, I found myself looking at how I could change the title by going in and editing code.   From there, I added a tag line, changed up the “Activate” button, renaming it to be “Extend Blog”, and linked the button to the blog.

Feeling enthused I then added a new menu option “Videos” and copied a generic html page as a starting point to create an entry.  On that page I linked my YouTube channel (using the subdomain I created) and then started a set of favourite videos.

I plan on continuing on with this, tweaking headers, adding and updating content, and seeing how much of the code I can play in before I break it totally.

Summer camp is fun!


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