Getting an M.Ed: WIIFM?

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created by Jessica Lederman (@jessicalederma4)

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I recently completed my M.Ed online through UOIT.  Throughout my studies, I was teaching – often at more than one college at a time.  When I was feeling overwhelmed (which was often!), I would create a very similar list for myself to help keep me on track:

  • Expand my knowledge
  • Increase my self confidence
  • Build connections in the field of education
  • Improve my teaching
  • Increase my employability
  • Invest in myself
  • Set and accomplish a goal
  • Set an example for my family

I think I will try this activity with my English Skills students.  They generally come into the course feeling very dejected because they did not score high enough on the placement test for the College English course and are forced to do the upgrading skills course first.  I often try to talk about the bigger picture and help them see the value in what they are learning. I think that having them come up with a list like this for themselves could be valuable and empowering.

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  1. Jess

    Hey Jess,

    I’m another Jess also in the M.Ed program at UOIT! I appreciate hearing about how you motivated yourself when the times got tough – I know i’ll need this strategy, too!


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