Identify the challenges for my learners

A response to the Empathy Map Activity
created by Ronald Menard (@RonaldMenard9)

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Empathy brings us to experience the learner’s perspective and to create an environment that is favourable to enhance one’s learning experience.  Most of the feedback/information that was gathered from my students were from posts, E-Mails, written assignments, informal discussions in the classroom. Next, I needed to identify the important challenges that my students had expressed previously. First, I noticed the constant fear of failing for most students, expectations, and grade calculation regarding attendance and participation. Some were overwhelmed submitting assignments electronically, while others preferred to communicate with their electronic devices on a regular basis. Students coming from other institutions of learning asked about connecting past knowledge and beliefs to new material that will be presented in the new curriculum. A constant concern is about evaluation in regarding class attendance, participation, deadlines of assignments and projects. In the environment of a classroom, I find the constant use of cellphones and electronic devices that distract during formal and informal presentations, group and class discussions. So far, I have been very successful with “hot topics” in class discussions that deal with their current events and academic concerns; and with dealing adequately with the rising and challenging digital community that awaits them.

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