Introductory MTKG class – Using NearPod

A response to the Please Allow Me To Introduce My Field Activity
created by Danny Smith (@ProfessorDannyS)

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On the first day of the semester, I typically use NearPod’s student response system to deliver and discuss a series of questions to my students.  This allows me to learn about them, find out what captures their attention, and identify the subjects that they are most interested in for future class discussions.

As you know, students tend to skip the first couple classes at the higher ed level or miss them due to schedule changes.  So, this semester, I’m gonna wait to carry out this exercise until attendance is higher.

Here are the questions that I tend to give to students.

  • Energy:
    • Using the drawing feature, show me how your energy is today – flat, increasing, or decreasing?
    • Using the drawing feature, express how you’re feeling today. (get opportunity to encourage students to visit Counselling Services if they are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Introductions:
    • Who am I (as in Danny Smith)?
      • Students use the web to investigate more about me and then present back to the class what they’ve found
      • This is an approach they can use when preparing for an interview
    • Who are the students?
      • What program are you in?
      • What about marketing or business interests you and why?
      • Are in you interested in a client or agency role?
      • Are you interested in working in the public or private sector?
  • Marketing:
    • What brands/influencers are they interested in? Provide image and text
    • What brands/influencers do they follow? Provide image and text
    • What brand would you tattoo on your shoulder? Provide image and text

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