Leveraging Use of Google Suite

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created by Mel Young (@melyoung00)

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I have had students that are resistant to group work. At first, I just thought that they need to get over it — but after doing the empathy map and finding out exactly what it was about group work that students didn’t like I found out that it went far beyond just “I don’t like it” mentality. Many students voiced frustrations trying to find a time when all group members were able to meet at once in-person; but the reality is they don’t have to meet in person. I didn’t realize that they didn’t know this!! Next, was a complaint about miscommunication and workload. I could show them how to make a work plan with roles and responsibilities in a Google doc and share that with the entire team. They could even keep track of what parts of the project they’d completed. I could also show students how to use their Google calendar to keep track of deadlines and meetings. Finally, I’d show them how to download all of these great things as apps in their phones so they could utilize them often and easily.

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