Mapping my PLN with Like-Minded Professionals

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While mapping my PLN (Personal Learning Network), I realized how fortunate I was to have engaged with like-minded professionals/colleagues who shared common interests and insights. My previous research on the “male psyche” had very limited material available in order to find solid ground for a thesis statement. My contacts, who all came from different backgrounds, provided a wealth of knowledge and experience. The diversity of their experience was amazing: University of Louisiana, University of California, University of Sedona, McGill University (Montreal), Laurentian University (Sudbury), University of Toulouse (France), etc. PLNs are valuable as new ideas and information became available; our conversations and exchanges went beyond my expectations. I was introduced online to the basics of male psychologist (Bill Meek) and to the research of Jungian psychologist, Guy Corneau with “Absent Fathers, Lost Sons” that set the stage to recognize that “Being a Man Today Hurts” (Rowan, psychologist). The research led to define a new kind of emerging masculinity in our present society. With my Jungian colleagues, I found a transformational “alchemy” come alive with the analytical world of C.G. Jung: the practice of “Transpersonal Psychology.”  The freedom that PLNs offered  was an amazing and refreshing way to share knowledge to explore topics that transformed the process.  The journey was a fascinating discovery that led to a unique case study of a man who found the keys to the “Kingdom from Within” (Robert Bly’s Iron John). Most recently, I was offered to publish this research in an e-book format for students and colleagues. However, only with the help of PLNs that I may publish my new understanding of “Re-Membering the Mystique of the Male Psyche.”

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