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A response to the Setting Out Your WordPress Menus Activity
created by Lisa Koster (@lkoster)

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I have previously played around with menus before so this started out as a review.  It’s probably one of the most tricky things to learn in WordPress, especially if you are trying to use as a static website rather than a blog.  I had to learn the difference between posts and pages.

Adding a custom link that was a link to submenus was cool. I had always created a page and added links/submenus.  No need for that  now.

In addition, adding link to a URL was something I had never thought of doing. That was cool.

I ended up changing my theme to something that looked similar but the menus were where I wanted (Uni Education). Had to hunt around to find out why my social menu didn’t show up – but eventually I found it in the many customization options available.


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