A response to the Setting Out Your WordPress Menus Activity
created by Lisa Koster (@lkoster)

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As I wrote last year, I wish this activity was around when I was first learning WordPress 6 years ago. I learned everything here the hard way ..

I recently combined two different blogs into one. This required a re-vamp of my entire menu structure which you can see here

The Theme I had chosen did not have a social menu so I decided to make a copy of the contents and import it into my camp2019 blog so I can play around with the contents by trying new Themes etc.

I found a few. None of them had an automatic social menu as referenced in the activity.

The one I chose did have a built in social menu that had a list of most common social media. If you didn’t have a particular site you just left it blank and the theme automatically deleted the icon.

I did find one theme that I was required to use Font Awesome codes and it would automatically generate the appropriate icon.

For example – if you wanted a facebook icon you would enter fa fa-facebook in the title and it would generate the Facebook icon.

Here’s a link to a webpage that talks more about the font awesome codes.

I will continue to play around with different themes as I wasn’t 100% sold on the one I chose.

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