MI's in Females

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The issue of misunderstanding about how signs & symptoms of MI can present different in femailes and males has been well  documented, however  women coming into hospitals with MI’s and being misdiagnosed  still happen due to gender bias in older medical research on heart attacks and missed ques about signs and symptoms a woman who is experiencing an MI might present with. https://www.heartandstroke.ca/what-we-do/media-centre/news-releases/2018-heart-report-news-release

One way in which I have  helped students understand why they might have heard more about possible  “classic” male MI symptoms versus females is to have them think about when the research they have read was done. (Example: Were there as many female and male patients in the cardiac study.) also I have them use their assessment skills—> Health history + presenting signs & symptoms + labs (asking them to brainstorm which ones are of imporatance to look at in suspected MI)+ ECG (Brainstorm what they  are looking out for).

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