My own cloud file sharing server

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Well this is awesome.  Creating my own cloud based file server on my own domain!

I am a regular dropbox user so I definitely see the benefits of creating my own space on my own server.

At first I wasn’t sure how I would use this for school – we have an LMS, and we post our documents there.  But on further reflection, each term we have to upload documents to the LMS. If the document changes, we have to re-upload the document.  I suppose rather than uploading files, I could add a link to either the folder or the files themselves. If I make a change to the file, it’s automatically updated. No need to go back to the LMS.  However, since we use Office 365, at our school, the same thing could be done with OneDrive.

Another use would be to share documents with colleagues outside of the college.  Within the college, we use Office 365. But not every school has that.  If you are giving a presentation and want to share a file, you can use Owncloud  (and the URL shortener) to easily share the file.  (and it’s linked to your domain since you would use Yourls to create a shortlink with your domain name).



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