My site is secure!

A response to the Running Your Sites under SSL Activity
created by Lisa Koster (@lkoster)

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The “Let’s Encrypt™ SSL” page was pretty easy to use.  Even editing the .htaccess file was easy. However, in my directory, I already had that file. I am guessing it was because it’s a WordPress site?  I renamed the original and created a new file based on the directions. It worked perfectly.

I created a new post on subdomain ( and added a picture of the Let’s Encrypt page.


Example for "My site is secure!":

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  1. Alan Levine

    If it’s a WordPress site, you should not replace the .htaccess file, that’s important. You can either insert to new htaccess info above what is there, but what is better, is for WordPress sites to use the plugin mentioned in the activity.


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