Organizing Posts – update

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created by Lisa Koster (@lkoster)

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I have moved a previous blog that I was using over to Reclaim hosting and merged it with another WordPress free site I had played around in the past.  I had categories already, but many posts were either not tagged or the tags may not be exactly what I want.  Now that the two sites are merged, I need to do some further thinking about the categories I have/need as well as add tags to older posts.

I love that I can use the category name to make a quick link to all the posts that have been identified with a specific category.

In my case – I looked for all my 9x9x25 posts using:
I found out that I had missed identifying my last post as being part of the 9x9x25 challenge.  So I went back and fixed that.

Example for "Organizing Posts – update":

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