Decolonization of the Mind (Response)

Added by Paulette F Steeves, Response for Please Allow Me To Introduce My Field Activity

In learning about Indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere the Americas) students knowledge in this area have been hindered by pedagogies of agnotology, and information has been withheld rather than informed. To create an awareness of this I ask students questions regarding famous Indigenous people and places and events. Such as who was the first minority to serve in… Read more »

Assessing reading with standardized tests (Response)

Added by Pam Millett, Response for Misunderstood Activity

My students (who are classroom teachers themselves) often balk at the idea of using standardized tests (“it’s not fair, it’s too rigid, there isn’t only one right answer, I know they could do better if I was allowed to help them, I don’t want to label children”). So I try to use the terms “frustration,… Read more »

Collaborative Padlet (Response)

Added by Lynn Chartrand, Response for Curation Creation Activity

Here is my Padlet. It contains a great resource from the repositories I explored while working through the Curator Module.

Curating Open Educational Resources to Support Learners (Response)

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With the cost of education on the rise, it’s great that there are so many Open Educational Resources(EOR)available for our students. This gives them an alternative to purchasing costly textbooks. As always, educators must be cautious when selecting EORs. We should ensure that the resources selected are relevant and accurate. I have selected a few… Read more »

Openly Licensed Image (Response)

Added by Lynn Chartrand, Response for Consider This Activity

Images and photos can speak volumes. It is just a matter of finding the right one. Please visit my blog site to view a photo that I would definitely use in many of my health sciences courses.

My Definition of Content Curator (Response)

Added by Lynn Chartrand, Response for Your Definition Is This Activity

Content curation is more than just simply collecting articles and educational materials. It is the careful selection of reputable resources which can be incorporated into the classroom. Here is my definition of content curator.

SECTIONS (Response)

Added by Gelareh, Response for SECTIONS Activity

Tony Bates has not left any stone unturned in SECTIONS model and this planning tool does a brilliant job operationalizing the framework. Thank you!

Tools Which Can be Used in the Classroom (Response)

Added by Lynn Chartrand, Response for It’s Alive! Activity

There are a variety of tools that can enhance learning in the classroom. In this post, I briefly describe how I adapted one learning tool to test students at a deeper level of learning.

Connecting to the Course Curriculum (Response)

Added by Lynn Chartrand, Response for It’s Alive! Activity

The use of technology in the classroom should serve a purpose and should be connected to the course curriculum. Here is my reflection about the responsible use of technology in the classroom.