Collaborative Dinner Table (Response)

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I choose the detail the accounts of an Interprofessional Initiative that I has the pleasure of leading. While this was the first big initiative that I lead, it certainly will not be the last.

Faculty Challenge: Unable to attend PD session in-person (Response)

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Originally I did the empathy map with students, but I found it more useful to complete the empathy map using my other ‘clients’ – faculty. They want to learn more but just don’t have time during the academic year to attend all of the PD sessions in-person that they’d like to. They still want to… Read more »

Diving Cap ON! (Response)

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Diving Cap ON! (Illustration by Patrik Tschudin,, unchange, retrieved from   I took 3 deep dives in Module 5! Find out which at      

Collaborative Coffee Table (Response)

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New Online Progam Planning can take intra- and inter-institutional collaboration depending on the size and scope of the project. You will most likely need content experts from the Academic Department to create content for courses and plan the curriculum, peer reviewers of the content from within and outside of the institution to ensure validity of… Read more »