Getting to Know: An Empathy Map Experience (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for Empathy Map Activity

Completing the empathy map helped clarify pain points and gain points for students in both the F2F course and online courses I teach. Focusing on what I believe are the responses to key points – what students say, do, hear, feel, see, and think as they progress through a course offering. While pre-course surveys help… Read more »

SECTIONS – a reflection while Slacking (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for SECTIONS Activity

This response includes a full reflection on the SECTIONS framework for the use of the digital tool Slack for an online course in Critical Digital Literacy in a Faculty of Education elective course. While the use of Slack is relatively new in the education sector, it’s use in business environments is stable and growing. Using… Read more »

What a fetching Fetch! (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for Fetch Activity

This is a story – in five frames. This DS106 links to tasks for course work relating to visual literacy and then to Alan Levine’s Five Card Flickr story generator.

Making my Catch (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for Play Catch Activity

It’s a curation of issues from The Catch where links, messages and images include a mention or a submission.

Neighbourhoods and Bubbles (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for Mapping your PLN Activity

This map, done in Google Draw, is framed in the Visitors & Residents model for web engagement. The Twitter handle for some people within each personal learning network.

Analytical Instrumentation Concept Map (Response)

Added by Christine, Response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

Though this map needs more work before presenting it to the students, I have hope that it might spark some ideas for the students of how things are connected and it might prove to be a useful practice activity for them.  Student often compartmentalise what they learn about science – this goes is this box… Read more »

Zinc and dress shirts (Response)

Added by Christine, Response for Misunderstood Activity

In analytical instrumentation the students needs to make solutions of the appropriate concentration for a specific element using compounds.  Often the students miscalculate what they need to weigh out because they forget that the element is only part of the compound.  My analogy relates the element to sleeves of a shirt.