I corn-not take Cornell notes (Response)

Added by Melanie Lefebvre, Response for Cornell Notes Activity

The faculty who is supervising my Ontario Extend activities confirmed that it’s okay to get creative and revise accordingly. What a relief! I did not finish my Cornell notes but still made good use of the extend activity.

Cornell Notes (Response)

Added by Sidney, Response for Cornell Notes Activity

For an example of how to take Cornell notes, I watched a YouTube video on Cornell notes, How to take Cornell notes by Jennifer DesRochers. I found this method of note taking very interesting. The high level concepts and topics on the left side of the page, and the lower level detailed notes on the right provide different… Read more »

Concept map (Response)

Added by Sidney, Response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

This is the concept map for my upcoming Advanced Excel course. I worked on what the content would be and did thematic analysis several times to find what subjects would be most appropriate and how the content should be delivered. Part of this process is outlining what basic ideas should be taught in each module,… Read more »

The Kitchen Sink (Response)

Added by Sidney, Response for Misunderstood Activity

Students should recognize that you need the right tool or tools for the job, and know when to ask for help.

Adjusting the settings (Response)

Added by Irene Stewart, Response for Adjusting a Few Key Settings in WordPress Activity

I poked around and corrected the timezones, changed a few options and update my profile. I did these things for the three main areas of my site that uses WordPress. I even set different colours for the dashboards. I took a screenshot and added this to my image holding area on my site. This was… Read more »