Clinical Assessment (Response)

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The concept map below relates to a course in clinical assessment that I teach. I wanted to link the course outcomes to each of the major regional parts of the body. My emphasis is on the principles of massage and how they relate to the body. Often students struggle with linking old and new knowledge… Read more »

Assessing a patient is like driving a car (Response)

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Clinical assessment is a tricky area for students and for experts. Students struggle with the content and its application. They struggle with the constituent parts and often get stuck focusing on very specific parts of the assessment process. They struggle with linking the elements of the process together and can frequent fall into cognitive overload… Read more »

Clinical Assessment: What's in it for me? (Response)

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Intrinsic Motivation Allows me to link different content areas I can be a more effective  student therapist in the clinic I can fine-tune my treatment of clients I can make connections between old knowledge and new knowledge Extrinsic Motivation The course is integral to later courses in the program Having the knowledge and skills to… Read more »

Signs vs symptoms: The challenges of assessing patients (Response)

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One of the courses I teach is called ‘clinical assessment’. It can be very challenging for the students because it requires them to draw from previous learning (e.g. anatomy), learn new information (e.g. how to assess various joints in the body), and then integrate that learning into clinical practice. Students can often be overwhelmed with… Read more »