SMART Objectives (Response)

Added by Danny Smith, Response for Like Driving a Car Activity

@ontarioextend #oextWEST A. Teaching for Learning:  I feel that writing clear, specific, and measurable objectives is a critical skill for marketing/business students, if not all students. SMART Objectives Using the SMART approach (SMART = Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.  Video: ) helps students to identify what it is that they want to achieve, with… Read more »

Introductions: Selfie Me (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for Please Allow Me To Introduce My Field Activity

This is an introductory activity designed to engage teacher candidates in their professional year to examine the power and potential of selfies in the classroom. The course is Critical Digital Literacy so the discussion around the use and sharing of selfies becomes the springboard for deeper thinking about digital presence.

Mapping Math1020 (Response)

Added by Lisa Koster, Response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

In the Fall I will be teaching a course I have never taught before.  When this activity came up, I thought it would be a good idea to map Math1020 so that I could get an understanding of the topics I will be teaching.  

And the Journey Begins… (Response)

Added by Lisa Koster, Response for Exit Through The Workshop Activity

So I had a hard time deciding how to look into the future and see what the world would look like with me in it.  Maybe because I don’t see MY world changing – the things that make me happy, my thoughts on education and learning. The tools will change. Technology will change. Students will… Read more »

A Tiny Tech Tale (Response)

Added by Steven Secord, Response for Tell Us a Tiny Tech Tale Activity

One of the things I have been meaning to do with my blog is to license it with a Creative Commons ShareAlike attribute and when I went to add it to my WordPress site I realized that it was a bit more difficult than I anticipated. It includes a series of animated gif screenshots that I took using Gyazo (a… Read more »

Copyright or Copywrong? (Response)

Added by Michael R. Clark, Response for Please Allow Me To Introduce My Field Activity

When doing an introduction to copyright, I might start by showing the group a collection of objects or images or a list of concepts (a novel, a photograph, a mathematical formula, a toy), and ask them which they feel would be covered by copyright, and why they chose what they did. Using their answers to begin… Read more »