Research – before or after? (Response)

Added by Jen Booth, Response for Misunderstood Activity

Students feel that because they can Google, they’ve mastered the art of research.  This week has been all about trying to help students understand that the research comes first, and should inform the way their essay develops. My analogy… Doing the research after you write the essay is like assembling flat packed furniture without checking… Read more »

Mapping it out (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

My mapping experience has been honed by the work I’ve done over the years in a variety of concept mapping tools. This blog post shares some mapping software items that I’ve explored and why I’m currently using Mindomo in my online course.  

Analogy for learning (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for Misunderstood Activity

This blog post talks about the tricky idea about ‘what is learning’ since prior knowledge of what learning really is can hinder the understanding of teacher candidates as they work with children. How do they know when learning has occurred if they can’t ‘see’ it? The analogy of riding a backwards bike is used.

Syllabus Concept Map – HLTH 326 (Response)

Added by Lynn Cartan, Response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

I developed this syllabus concept map for an existing course I developed.  The course covers Information Systems and Technology for the Health Information Management Program.  But, it also became a repository for topics that don’t fit anywhere else in the program.  Concept mapping it makes clear that it would benefit from readjusting the content.

Collaborative Campus PD (Response)

Added by Denise Nielsen, Response for The Collaborative Dining Table Activity

Flipping through @ontarioextend Activity Bank and found this What a great way to visualize a project. I chose a PD project we are still working on…with luck I will get my blog up and running to add this. #oextend #extendeast — Denise Nielsen (@denielsen) March 8, 2018

We are all Different (Response)

Added by Steven Secord, Response for Misunderstood Activity

To complete this activity I have written a blog post on one of the most misunderstood concepts I encounter the Faculty of Education: Differentiation.