Holy CRAAP!!! (Response)

Added by Lynn Chartrand, Response for Holy CRAAP Activity

I have included this content onto a previous blog post. The assessment for the CRAPP test and reflection have been included with this prior blog in order to facilitate matters. All of the information regarding OER can be found in one post.

Map for Intro to US Government Course (Response)

Added by Shawna M. Brandle, Response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

I really enjoyed the challenge of thinking about what the bones of my course are.  These are the most important things, that I want students to know 5 years later from the course (and which, in the course, we build finer details, such as examples and evidence, on).  I’m adding this map to my syllabus… Read more »

Cornell Notes Trial (Response)

Added by Kevin Griffin, Response for Cornell Notes Activity

Watched a Ted Talk on the impact of exercise on the brain. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VDfAXCDtNV2bTiX-LVTtuii366zQkCm1y2V4ylNnkGk/edit?usp=sharing    

What's in it for Me? (Response)

Added by Lynn Cartan, Response for WIIFM Activity

My response to WIIFM, which looks at not just what’s in it for the student at a high level but also considers the WIIFM perspective for specific topics.

Getting an M.Ed: WIIFM? (Response)

Added by Jessica Lederman, Response for WIIFM Activity

I recently completed my M.Ed online through UOIT.  Throughout my studies, I was teaching – often at more than one college at a time.  When I was feeling overwhelmed (which was often!), I would create a very similar list for myself to help keep me on track: Expand my knowledge Increase my self confidence Build… Read more »