Map for SECTIONS Model (Response)

Added by Lynn Chartrand, Response for SECTIONS Activity

I am not usually one to give much thought to SECTIONS when considering technology use in the classroom. I will usually go with what is currently available at my academic institution. SECTIONS was a great activity and has certainly given me cause to reflect on many different areas when considering which technology to implement in… Read more »

Ontario Extend Module 2: Activity 3: Define Your Learner Challenge: Group Work (Response)

Added by Lynn Chartrand, Response for Learner Challenge Activity

My students often have a dislike for group work. Just the mention of group work receives a lukewarm reception. After listening to the variety of reasons as to why students dislike group work, I have created a group contract which I will be posting as a Google Doc. My hope is that this document, will… Read more »

Empathy Map (Response)

Added by Lynn Chartrand, Response for Empathy Map Activity

This is a great reflective activity! It really does give professors an insight into how their students might be feeling.

What Exactly is Content Curation? (Response)

Added by Mel Young, Response for Your Definition Is This Activity

I have always prided myself on the ability to curate content but I now realize that I was just simply collecting content. By collecting, I just gathered a bunch of stuff and housed it on my computer. On the other hand, curation is when you handpick content using a certain lens/perspective and add your own… Read more »

Mapping My PLN (Response)

Added by Mel Young, Response for Mapping your PLN Activity

A good educator’s PLN is always changing to meet the individual’s needs, interests and influence. Here’s mine today!

Particulates…what are they? (Response)

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Describe: What you did. I Found a Wikipedia article in your discipline that has inaccurate or inadequate information, go to the discussion page and suggest a revision. How you did it (what tools and resources). the internet links that were provided. Why you chose those activities to experiment with. it was easy, as it has… Read more » (Response)

Added by Pamela Koski Bryant, Response for Contribute to Wikipedia Activity

‘Atmospheric aerosol particles – also known as atmospheric particulate matter, particulate matter (PM), particulates, or suspended particulate matter (SPM) – are microscopic solid or liquid matter suspended in the atmosphere of Earth’ SPM is not always ‘microscopic’ in nature. The definition should include multiple size ranges as that is what industry has to monitor as… Read more »

Oext'x' (Response)

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