Framing my SoTL project (Response)

Added by Irene Stewart, Response for SoTL #3 – Refine Your SoTL Plan Activity

Area of research I have decided to focus on an area of tutor training, specifically, the technique I share called Simulated Instruction Model. This was a model that I first learned about while doing post-grad certificates in Learning Disabilities specialization at Cambrian College. I can’t find any online references to it so I am considering… Read more »

Join me for dinner (Response)

Added by Danny Smith, Response for The Collaborative Dining Table Activity

Having a meal with friends and family tends to be more fulfilling than eating alone.  We linger longer, eat a little more, and have more meaningful conversations and experiences.  This held  true for my recent project despite my efforts to use tech tools to facilitate collaboration between buildings and FT and PT faculty running on… Read more »

Introduce Yourself Using Flipgrid (Response)

Added by Steven Secord, Response for Please Allow Me To Introduce My Field Activity

With the recent news of Microsoft acquiring Flipgrid and opening it up free for all educators got me thinking that this would make an excellent resource for doing class introductions. Not only does it allow the students to get to know both their instructors and their peers, it also introduces them to a useful piece of… Read more »