Extending my Reach (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for Do it Daily Activity

Tools found in your home to extend something – I found two that do the same thing but in very different ways. These two tools extend my reach. Can you see how? Take a look to figure it out. Extend your thinking!

What's in it for Me? (Response)

Added by Steven Secord, Response for WIIFM Activity

Having students perform an activity such as “What’s in it for me?” can be motivational in nature. It can be a reminder of why they are in the program they are in, or it might be a good check point for them to rethink their program. Are they in it for the right reasons. This… Read more »

Is it C.R.A.A.P.? (Response)

Added by Steven Secord, Response for Holy CRAAP Activity

The Be Internet Awesome resource provided by Google could potentially have some issues when looked at through the CRAAP lens. In this blog post I do just that and you might be surprised by what my conclusions were.

Leadership – Jump in the Fire (Response)

Added by Rob Harrison, Response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

This is a concept map for my Developing Leadership course.  I also added a little bit of commentary on the “hidden curriculum” that doesn’t get covered in my course. How do Leaders actually develop? Hint: it doesn’t happen just in a classroom!

Extending my PLN with Twitter lists (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for Extending Your PLN Activity

I use Twitter lists to ‘gather people’ around a topic or event. I share these lists with those attending or sharing around the topic or event. This not only helps me remember who was there, but extends my own and other’s PLNs.

Waiting for Dessert! (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for The Collaborative Dining Table Activity

This is the story about Project Podcasting where I engage my students in podcasting for the first time. As their teacher, I collaborate with podcasters to build a podcasting PLN that turns out to be just the appetizer. Now I’m waiting for dessert.

My Column – Digital Citizenship (Response)

Added by Steven Secord, Response for Curation Creation Activity

Teaching future teachers about Digital Citizenship is always at the forefront of my mind. If they are considering these issues in their day to day activities, then they are likely to be good models for the students they are teaching, whether it be kindergarten, high school, or higher education. These are just a couple of… Read more »