#easypeasylemonsqueezy (Response)

Added by Marnie Seal, Response for Misunderstood Activity

Response to the misunderstood activity: https://librarylandfairytales.wordpress.com/2018/03/13/easypeasy/

Combining strategies – Cornell and sketching (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for Cornell Notes Activity

Taking a twist on the traditional Cornell note taking strategy, this combines text and image to enhance memory and make note taking an active process of creating meaning. By applying sketch noting strategies within the Cornell notetaking structure can extend knowledge organization in new ways.

Enter Stage Right (Response)

Added by Terry Greene, Response for WIIFM Activity

What’s in it for me? Extend Edition: https://learningnuggets.ca/extend/enter-stage-right/

Syllabus kahoot! (Response)

Added by Jen Booth, Response for Please Allow Me To Introduce My Field Activity

In the very first class, I break students into small groups and give each group a course syllabus to review. They’re given 10 – 15 minutes to review and ask each other questions about the contents of the syllabus. The groups are then pitted against each other in a kahoot! That asks 10 questions about… Read more »

References & citing (Response)

Added by Jen Booth, Response for Like Driving a Car Activity

I think that in academic writing, mastering the art of referencing & citing is a lot like driving a car. Students who have never encountered citation or referencing before are like fish out of water. They attempt to do their citations and reference page last, and struggle just to put a simple in-text citation together…. Read more »

WIIFM – writing an essay (Response)

Added by Jen Booth, Response for WIIFM Activity

Students everywhere collectively groan when told they will need to write an essay. I spend significant time in class trying to build a case for the research essay. So, I think this works really well for a “What’s In It For Me” list. WIIFM – the Research Essay process learn to use the library databases… Read more »

syllabus map… for comm essentials (Response)

Added by Jen Booth, Response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

I find mind maps absolutely mystifying. My brain likes charts and paragraphs. I decided to try to extend my brain and rough out a mind map – I’m not sure I like it, but here is what I came up with.  I decided to try to map how the learning outcomes of the course play… Read more »

Research – before or after? (Response)

Added by Jen Booth, Response for Misunderstood Activity

Students feel that because they can Google, they’ve mastered the art of research.  This week has been all about trying to help students understand that the research comes first, and should inform the way their essay develops. My analogy… Doing the research after you write the essay is like assembling flat packed furniture without checking… Read more »

Mapping it out (Response)

Added by Helen DeWaard, Response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

My mapping experience has been honed by the work I’ve done over the years in a variety of concept mapping tools. This blog post shares some mapping software items that I’ve explored and why I’m currently using Mindomo in my online course.