Design Time (Response)

Added by Melanie Lefebvre, Response for SoTL #4 – Design Your SoTL Project Activity

I put the Scholar module aside for awhile and recently returned to it. My research question had evolved. I’ve found that participation has naturally improved as rapport has developed and students become more comfortable with small group work in class. What I’ve now become more curious about is how to help students become familiar and comfortable… Read more »

Initial Idea (Response)

Added by Melanie Lefebvre, Response for SoTL #3 – Refine Your SoTL Plan Activity

I was tasked to consider an area of interest. Initially, I narrowed it down to increase classroom participation. Because I am teaching a program with many practical application aspects, it is important that students are regularly applying what they’ve learned before entering the field. Students however have expressed reservations about role-plays in front of the classroom…. Read more »

Another Top 3! (Response)

Added by Melanie Lefebvre, Response for SoTL #2 – Engage with SoTL Activity

The benefit of increasing the amount of reflection about teaching and learning with my colleagues is especially appealing, considering I even look forward to such dialogue on Twitter. By having a common language, we can further support and challenge one another. Improving both student outcomes as well as results on assessments is most definitely appealing…. Read more »

My Top 3 (Response)

Added by Melanie Lefebvre, Response for SoTL #1 – Three Keys of SoTL Activity

The metaphor of the syllabus as a hypothesis but what is missing is the closing of the loop. Did we meet our hypothesis? Reflective practice of one’s teaching with an emphasis on student learning Asking a question vs. just teaching without looking for answer. Thus, there is evidence involved. Often stems from a challenge but… Read more »

Cultivating My PLN Garden (Response)

Added by Mel Young, Response for Extending Your PLN Activity

Cultivate a PLN full of marigolds — educators that will protect you from weeds and pests, and ensure you grow into a healthy and strong educator yourself.

SoTL #2 – Engage with SoTL (Response)

Added by Sidney, Response for SoTL #2 – Engage with SoTL Activity

This is a rehash of my post on negotiated grading, but perhaps I’ll get into more of the idea behind it and less focused on the technical aspects of how it works in the class. I think there is an issue with feedback. I had papers that I put a huge amount of work into,… Read more »

SoTL #1 – Three Keys of SoTL (Response)

Added by Sidney, Response for SoTL #1 – Three Keys of SoTL Activity

I can imagine that you read the title, and are wondering, as I was, what exactly a SoTL is. Well, it seems you have come to the right place, as SoTL stands for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  I think this is a great activity because while I know alot about the subjects I teach, I… Read more »

Digital literacy (Response)

Added by Pamela Koski Bryant, Response for What Are Digital Literacies? Activity

Digital literacy is something I struggle with as a teacher. I try to make things interesting by using multiple platforms for learning, however, going back to the power point/lecture style is always a comfortable way for me to teach my students. I am trying to incorporate new ways of learning in each of my classes… Read more »