Contact Me Plugin (Response)

Added by Lisa Koster, Response for Plugging in WordPress Plugins Activity

This year I decided to install one of the plugins that was recommended for the DI Responsive Theme that I chose to use for my Camp2019 blog..  I installed the Contact Form 7. It was very easy and all I had to do was copy a short link and add it to one of my… Read more »

Menus (Response)

Added by Lisa Koster, Response for Setting Out Your WordPress Menus Activity

As I wrote last year, I wish this activity was around when I was first learning WordPress 6 years ago. I learned everything here the hard way .. I recently combined two different blogs into one. This required a re-vamp of my entire menu structure which you can see here The Theme I had chosen… Read more »

My Own Cloud Storage (Response)

Added by Kim Carter, Response for Store and Share Files in your Domain’s OwnCloud Activity

I was able to install OwnCloud, I uploaded pictures and I created a sound folder. In my sound folder is a heart beat by Mike Koenig from free sound effects. I think this is a very useful feature to have on my domain. I can use it for both personal and professional.

YOURLs (Response)

Added by Kim Carter, Response for Adding YOURLs- a URL Shortener to Your Domain Activity

I love this tool. I now have one place to store my bookmarked links. that makes them easy to find and share.  I like that this runs through my own domain. I am not sure that the URLs are actually shorter because it adds in the name bookmarks. However, I like that I can store… Read more »

Running my site under SSL (Response)

Added by Kim Carter, Response for Running Your Sites under SSL Activity

I was able to issue certificates for my sites and my previous and new Word Press accounts/blogs. The only step I was not able to complete was the automatic force serving content. When I went to create the .htaccess file it said it was an error because it already existed. When I clicked on it… Read more »

From Categories to Post Title (Response)

Added by jesslyndw, Response for Wrangling WordPress Permalinks Activity

So, since I’m using my blog for a different purpose (maybe the wrong one, oh no!) I’m going to post here (and maybe tweet a bit). I love the deliberateness with which I can customize this site.  Initially, I had set my permalinks to the Category/Postname option, but started finding the way I was writing… Read more »

Aw Man! (Response)

Added by jesslyndw, Response for Adjusting a Few Key Settings in WordPress Activity

I feel like I learned this the hard way at week 2 of camp – plus I’m the worst for taking a very DIY approach, and not consulting online communities and forums, so it was a bit painful learning some of this stuff! That said, I’m in love with what I could create with all… Read more »