to use technology or not….. (Response)

Added by Pamela Koski Bryant, Response for What Are Digital Literacies? Activity

Digital literacy is something I struggle with as a teacher. I try to make things interesting by using multiple platforms for learning, however, going back to the power point/lecture style is always a comfortable way for me to teach my students. I am trying to incorporate new ways of learning in each of my classes… Read more »

Scheduling's my fave (Response)

Added by Melanie Lefebvre, Response for It’s Alive! Activity

I love scheduling. It’s second nature to me. This module allowed me to find a scheduling app to help students who do not find scheduling comes as easily.

Dictionary Entry ;) (Response)

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I’ve been a content curator for clients over the past decade. I just didn’t know it. Take the topic of anxiety, for example. I’m not just going to throw the word into Google with caution to the wind. I’ve got some curating to do: What’s their literacy level? Is the text written in plain language?… Read more »