Mapping My PLN (Response)

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A good educator’s PLN is always changing to meet the individual’s needs, interests and influence. Here’s mine today!

Particulates…what are they? (Response)

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Describe: What you did. I Found a Wikipedia article in your discipline that has inaccurate or inadequate information, go to the discussion page and suggest a revision. How you did it (what tools and resources). the internet links that were provided. Why you chose those activities to experiment with. it was easy, as it has… Read more » (Response)

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‘Atmospheric aerosol particles – also known as atmospheric particulate matter, particulate matter (PM), particulates, or suspended particulate matter (SPM) – are microscopic solid or liquid matter suspended in the atmosphere of Earth’ SPM is not always ‘microscopic’ in nature. The definition should include multiple size ranges as that is what industry has to monitor as… Read more »

Oext'x' (Response)

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PLN (Response)

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Expanding my PLN is actually a concern of mine. I started full time teaching in August of 2018. Before this, I was in industry working in the fields I am teaching. I want to make sure I keep expanding my knowledge base to better serve my students. I think that extending (or expanding) my PLN… Read more »

Clean Air Sudbury (Response)

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  The collaborative project was to come up with a design and innovation contest on constructing a ‘living wall’ . The group who came up with this idea are  apart of a community partnership called ‘Clean Air Sudbury’.  Clean Air Sudbury is a non-profit community group focused on air quality issues in Greater Sudbury. This group is… Read more »

OER! (Response)

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I have chosen those specific resources because they actually have neat videos attached to some of the lessons. Videos are another platform I would like to incorporate into all of my classes! So far, this has been my favorite Ontario extend activity….. 🙂