A year later – clean up (Response)

Added by Irene Stewart, Response for Running Your Sites under SSL Activity

I am reviewing Domain Camp from the beginning. In this case, I checked the SSL certificates for each of my subdomains and ensured that I had added the code that would force HTTPS if someone simply entered procaffination.ca. I also removed subdomains that I was not using any more and deleted the folders using File… Read more »

I modified a splot (Response)

Added by Kim Carter, Response for Build a WordPress SPLOT Activity

I created a Splot for uploading class pictures. I thought it might be a way to save images of fun times in the classroom. I am not entirely sure how this would sit on my domain. Perhaps it would be a link via the LMS for my students. In the spirit of creating fun, the… Read more »

What I do to extend my PLN (Response)

Added by Heidi Holmes, Response for Extending Your PLN Activity

I read regularly and although this doe include books, it mostly includes articles, blogs, posts, and even fine print.  I find that this allows me to learn and be aware of issues and topics that I would otherwise not know about. I also am a personable person who enjoys asking tough questions and debate. I… Read more »

Getting started??? (Response)

Added by Tricia Bonner, Response for Building a WordPress Calling Card Site Activity

Hi all, I am finding this quite interesting… every time I think I have something I end up down another rabbit hole trying something else. At this point I am not even sure that I am doing what I was supposed to regarding the new landing page.  However I am having fun with it. 🙂

Creating A Landing Page (Response)

Added by Kim Carter, Response for Building a WordPress Calling Card Site Activity

I played around most of the afternoon with the various options for a new landing page. I was able to change the picture. I learned that my pictures are too big (so I played around with resizing the picture). I was able to link my twitter account. I also imported my blog from WordPress. I… Read more »

Exploring a SPLOTt as a potential device to share the processes of doing research among students (Response)

Added by Asako Yoshida, Response for Build a WordPress SPLOT Activity

I installed a SPLOT Writer to find out if this tool can be used to share research processes among students.  It does not look like I can edit the writing section form except the title.  I am thinking about having students share their research question within the first three months of the project where they… Read more »