Curator (Response)

Added by Pamela Koski Bryant, Response for Your Definition Is This Activity

Content Curation is defined in Wikipedia as ‘the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators. Curation services can be used by businesses as well as end users.’ I believe teachers are one of the most important curators, as it… Read more »

Tools (Response)

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The tool I decided to focus on was youtube. I have decided to use youtube videos on top of my lessons as a way to teach the students how to change brushes in the air monitoring equipment motors. I believe that hearing someone else while seeing it multiple times will help guide the students in… Read more »

Technology creation (Response)

Added by Pamela Koski Bryant, Response for SECTIONS Activity

A lot of the students come into the program with different ideals on what they should be taught. They never know that simple technology sometimes is the best to use. We often use excel to look at and analyze our data. It is accessible to most and the most common tool used to compare data… Read more »

Learner Challenge (Response)

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I have been putting students in groups. I give each group a specific scenario. They have to come up with the best way to monitor the specific air quality scenario. They then teach the rest of the class the air monitoring program they have designed using the technology appropriate for that scenario. Interesting to see… Read more »

to use technology or not….. (Response)

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Digital literacy is something I struggle with as a teacher. I try to make things interesting by using multiple platforms for learning, however, going back to the power point/lecture style is always a comfortable way for me to teach my students. I am trying to incorporate new ways of learning in each of my classes… Read more »

Scheduling's my fave (Response)

Added by Melanie Lefebvre, Response for It’s Alive! Activity

I love scheduling. It’s second nature to me. This module allowed me to find a scheduling app to help students who do not find scheduling comes as easily.