Patchbook and nuggets!

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created by Pamela Koski Bryant (@BryantKoski)

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Ontario Extend: Nugget from the Patch Twenty-Four: It’s Not (So) Scary to Walk the Walk ‘I need to learn what resources and skills I need to create an effective and accessible assignment. And I need patience, as demonstrated by the suspicion that I see multiple “takes” in my future as I learn how to develop this type of assignment. It will be an evolving process, and I hope that as my students see me learn from mistakes that they’ll be willing to take risks and share in ways they feel comfortable with.’

I can relate to this passage/nugget….I will be veering away from the normal power point presentation style group assessment and doing a tradeshow in my graduate certificate Air Abatement class for the EMPD program…..can’t wait!

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