Plugins Oh My!

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created by Lisa Koster (@lkoster)

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There seems to be a plug in for everything!  I tried Askinet an JetPack and unfortunately, both seemed to have only a paid version.

So I decided to have some fun and try the Instagram Feed by 10web.  It was easy to upload and install.  Once I figured out it created a page for me, I added it to my menu and voila! My Instagram feed was posted.

For a education related blog, I don’t think I would actually post my Instagram feed…but I would post my Twitter feed or a link to the #edtech hashtag.   So I went looking for a Twitter Plugin.  I found Custom Twitter Feeds By Smash Balloon.  Just like the Instagram feed, it was easy to install.  The plug in added a menu item in the dashboard that allowed me to customize what I wanted to show up.  It didn’t create a page – and I think that was because there are so many options on how to display the feed. I stuck with a single feed showing all tweets with the hashtag #edtech. (I added the page with the shortcode in it).

This is fun!

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