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Publishing curated content on a topic page will help me share valuable information with my social networks, showcase my expertise and build my professional brand. helps in creating an organized path through the best materials I know of besides photocopies of great articles I have found, or organizing PDFs on Moodle, and gathering YouTube videos (i.e. Latino music & Butterfly Spanish Lessons on YouTube).  I did not realize until now that content curator has become a valuable skill with the “explosion of information available online.” It is indeed an act of sighting, discerning, and highlighting the best pedagogical material available. When I first published on at educomenard my topic for my research project, Transpersonal Psychology, I immediately received valuable information references referring to research methods that can be easily made available to the study of everyday human experience. With the transpersonal, how does one attempt to study extraordinary human experience – ultimate values and meanings, peak experiences, transcendence and hightened awareness, etc., especially in psychological studies and in a creative writing workshop? On the site, William Brand & Rosemarie Anderson introduced a series of transpersonal methods that help researchers not only in transpersonal psychology but also to humanistic psychologies, or transpersonal studies that may be also applied to traditional fields.  As I publish content to my topic page, automatically shares it to my social network of authors who emphasize on developing self awareness, intuition, empathy. It can only benefit anyone involved in the research enterprise across many disciplines.

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