RSS Feeds – Year 2

A response to the Building a WordPress Syndication Hub Activity
created by Lisa Koster (@lkoster)

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Well, I got the Feed WordPress plugin to work. This year, I did manage to make sure that I didn’t end up with a bunch of new categories. (Thanks Alan for the very informative video).

I chose to add a friends blogposts about Domain Camp (@Kcarte02) as well as the eCampus Ontario – Extenders RSS feed.

I gave all RSS feeds a category of “Domain Camp RSS Feeds under “Domain Camp 2019”. This way they only show up there.

The only issue that I saw was that it actually makes a local copy of the post, so the “recent posts” widget shows all the posts – mine and others.  I am not sure If I can change that. I couldn’t find a place to do that. ?

I would also like to learn how to add feature photos so the page looks a little more interesting…but it worked that way I want it to.

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