SMART Objectives

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A. Teaching for Learning:  I feel that writing clear, specific, and measurable objectives is a critical skill for marketing/business students, if not all students.

SMART Objectives

Using the SMART approach (SMART = Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.  Video: ) helps students to identify what it is that they want to achieve, with whom, where, and between what time frame.  Plus, it can be applied to our professional and personal lives.

In-class Exercise

  • A. Write a personal goal for the course
  • Ai. Discuss how you could make this clearer and more focused
  • B. Re-write the goal using the SMART approach
  • B1. Discuss if any improvements can be made so as to meet the SMART approach
  • C. Write a SMART objective for a sample marketing campaign


Precise objectives ensures  that those involved know exactly what is to be done and how it will be measured.


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